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Toho 06/0

Toho 06/0
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06/0 - Ceylon Snowflake 20g

TR-06-141Nontransparent, snow-white seed beads with a pearl lust.Priced per 20g (aprox...

1.80€ Ex Tax: 1.49€

06/0 - Opaque Cherry 20g

Nontransparent, red seed beads, aprox.size 4mm. Priced per 20g (aprox.380 beads). ..

1.71€ Ex Tax: 1.41€

06/0 - Opaque Oxblood 20g

Non-transparent dark brown seed beads, aprox.dia 4mm.Priced per 20g (aprox.380 beads). ..

1.71€ Ex Tax: 1.41€

06/0 - Opaque-Frosted Jet 20g

Nontransparent, matte jet seed beads, aprox. size 4mm.Priced per 20g (aprox.380 beads). ..

0.90€ Ex Tax: 0.74€

06/0 - Transparent Cobalt 20g

TR-06-8Transparent cobalt blue seed beads, approx.size 4mm, priced per 20g. ..

1.60€ Ex Tax: 1.32€