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Terms & Conditions


 1. General terms

Sole owner and right holder of is:

SIA More 4U

Reg. Nr. LV40103300745

IBAN: LV30HABA0551028486728


1.1. By confirming the order on the clients confirm that they have acquainted with and agree to the terms of usage and delivery, and have been informed on their rights and liabilities.

1.2. By registering on the website and setting up Private acount / profile, the client confirms that he has read and agrees with Privacy Policy. Privacy policy rules are an integral part of the General Terms of Use.

1.3. When setting up Personal account / profile and making purchases on the website Customer must treat his personal information with care and consciously. While we grant our customers safety in payment mode and in account registration on our site, More 4U Ltd accepts no liability for any  losses incurred by careless handling of private data. NEVER leave unattended bank payment card and any related information when making a purchase on the internet!customer with care and consciousness treats his personal information

1.4. Private account / profile can be set up both companies and private persons.

1.5. LEGAL PERSON REGISTRATION MUST BE APPROVED BY ADMINISTRATION. To speed up the approval, please contact shop administration by phone during business hours. Legal person registration is approved within one business day. Please, if necessary, prepare a registration certificate and / or tax certificate.

2. Purchase and payment terms.

Purchases can be made by registered and unregistered customers. At the time of placing an order, the customer shall provide such personal data information which is required to deliver purchased goods to the customer's place of living.

A minimum order for International purchases is EUR 15.00 excluding shipping costs. All expenses are covered by the client (incl. Shipment, bank charges and commisions etc). The end amount for payment is indicated in the invoice the customer receives to his e-mail address after placing an order.

2.1. To complete the purchase, the customer puts desired product in the cart. The price and product quantity all the time is displayed  in the cart. If a product is not available, it is displayed to the customer, but it is not possible to buy it. The quantity of goods can be changed by entering the desired quantity. You can request delivery price calculation, change the quantity of products or save your shopping cart in your personal account / profile. Please remember, product placement in shopping cart does not guarantee product availability. Only when the customer has made payment for the goods in full amount, the company guarantees either  the delivery of goods or a full refund of the redeemed / unavailable product. In order to ensure the acquisition of desired goods, we recommend that you make payment for purchase instantly.

2.2. Once a customer has placed an order, the confirmation e-mail is sent to his provided e-mail address with the active link to the invoice. Customer makes a payment to the seller's bank account, indicating the invoice number; paying with a bank payment card or by any other of the available payments.  

2.3. More 4U Ltd offers following payment methods:

  • Transfer to the company's bank account (wire transfer);
  • Payment with a bank card through PayPal – available only for EUR payments (our store is safe to pay by card);
  • Transfer to the company account in the payment system PayPal – account e-mail address [email protected];
  • International money transfers by Western Union.

 2.4. All expenses, such as commissions, must be covered by client.

 2.5. All invoices has to be paid within 2 (two) calendar days. If the client has not settled the payment for the purchase within 4 (four) calendar days and has not made contact with the supplier to change or discuss any terms regarding the purchase, the order will be canceled. The Company does not make reservations for clients. All goods available in are owned by SIA More 4U until the client has paid for them.

The payment is complete after the money has been received in the bank account of SIA More 4U.

 2.6. If the customer does not receive the confirmation e-mail and in his personal account / profile in the "Purchase History"recent purchase is not to be found, customer should contact the store administration by e-mail [email protected]    


3. Processing and delivery of orders.

The order is processed and dispatched only after the receipt of the payment in the bank account of More 4U Ltd. If any of the goods (even though this is not common), the customer wanted to buy, is sold out from the moment they were put in shopping basket until the moment money arrives in sellers bank account, the seller offers to return money for sold out product. The payout procedure  is agreed between  the company and customer.

3.1. More 4U Ltd offers its customers the following delivery options:

  • Latvian Post worldwide delivery (delivery costs based on parcel weight)
  • ExpressBaltic courier delivery to Lithuania and Estonia
  • Omniva / exPost24 (within the Republic of Latvia)

3.2. All expenses are covered by the client (including shipment, bank charges and commissions etc); foreign clients are responsible for any cost of customs and taxes in their country of residing. Payment for the goods and postage must be made in advance.  

3.3. All orders are handled from Monday to Friday and sent out from our warehouse within 2-3 working days after we have received your payment in our account. Orders that are received on weekends, holidays or after ofice opening hours are handled on next working day in the order of queue. We do not ship out orders on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We do not handle orders in priority mode. To avoid any confusion, please plan your purchases in a timely manner or contact us to find out approximate processing time!

3.4. Seller is  not responsible for any delay in delivery of the goods, if it is related to supplier performance.

Generally goods are delivered in such terms:

Within territory of Latvia – 1-4 days

Europe – up to 7 days

The USA – up to 3 weeks (we send priority mail; all orders are received in New York Post sort office within one week, from there parcels are sorted and sent to the final destination).

Russia – up to 40 days. All orders are in the Russian customs sorting place after 3-4 days. Afterwards delivery time depends on russian customs officers.

The rest of world – up to 30 days.

All the orders are with tracking numbers. We provide you with tracking number so you can follow your shipment and track it in your postal service tracking system.

Orders are not considered as lost in transit until the following amount of time has passed:
Latvia: 14 days past shipping date
European Union: 21 days past shipping date
The rest of World: 45 days past shipping date

3.5. All goods available in are owned by SIA More4U until the client has paid for them. The color and size of the goods may have a slight dissimilarity form the pictures on the home page.

3.6. does not carry responsibility in case if the client has not received the purchase due to incorrectly indicated delivery address. The supplier can have the goods re-sent after they are returned and if the client agrees to cover additional shipment expenses. In case if the client does not agree to these terms, the supplier reimburses the purchase price, excluding any additional expenses that might have occurred due to incorrect shipment.

3.7. If the client has not settled the payment for the purchase within 3 (three) calendar days and has not made contact with the supplier to change or discuss any terms regarding the purchase, the order will be canceled.


4. Security issues and warnings!

4.1. Goods offered by are not designated for kids, unless specifically noted otherwise.

4.2. Wire material offered by is not to be used as electrical wiring.

4.3. In case the supplier has any information regarding possible environmental influence (sun, water, air etc.) on the goods it is made available to the customer. If the client is not sure whether the particular product can or cannot be used for a specific purpose please contact the supplier be emailing.

4.4. The supplier intends to offer the best possible quality product, however the supplier cannot carry responsibility for any potential allergic reactions a certain product might cause, for example in case if the product contains nickel or lead. We advise customers who are not tolerant to these materials not to purchase them.

4.5. Product descriptions have informative purpose. Assortment and prices can be changed without previous notice. If the client has purchased a product at the moment of a price change, their purchase will not be subject to price change. does not carry responsibility for provided by manufacturer information on the goods.


5. Gift vouchers.

5.1. The company offers electronic gift cards of varying value ranging from EUR 7.00. After the purchase is made, the company sends an electronic gift card (code) to the addressee. With an electronic gift card (code) you can pay for the product and delivery fee only in the online store The gift card is valid for 6 (six) months from the date of receipt. After the expiration date, the Gift Card is invalid. Gift card can not be returned!!


6.  Final provisions. Returns and refunds.

6.1. On the receipt of the purchase the client is liable for checking the state of the goods – whether the order is complete and not damaged. In case of miss-delivery, damage or incomplete shipment the client is liable to inform the supplier within but no later than 10 calendar days after the receipt of the shipment by emailing to [email protected]. In case of damaged goods the supplier requires photos.

6.2. In accordance with the Article 12 of The Consumer Rights Protection Law and Regulations No. 207 of the Cabinet of Ministers on Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts it is foreseen that any private individual has all rights to withdraw from the agreement within 14 calendar days and return purchased goods to the supplier without giving any formal reason. The aforementioned regulations allow the supplier to withhold only expenses that are connected with shipment of the ordered goods. However the client is responsible for the state of the goods during this 14 day period. The supplier More 4U has the right to refuse the returned order if the goods have any mechanical damages or refund if the goods have any sign of being used or the order is not returned in full amount (for example, if the client has ordered a set/kit of 10 beads but has returned only 5 of them).

Product returns can be easily managed directly from clients privat account by filling out „Product returns” file.

Seller will not accept returns of gold, silver, goldfild and silverfilled findings. Gift vouchers are not refundable.


7. Settlement of disputes.

Any disputes and conflicts between the supplier and the client are resolved in mutual agreement but, in case no compromise is possible, it is resolved according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.